Dev Blog 07/12/17
December 07, 2017

When you are playing online, communication is vital. Players must be able to interact with and respond to what their teammates and opponents are doing at that very instant in order to succeed. And before we proceed, no, we aren’t talking about VoIP or text chat (although those can be important too!). A dropped packet, an increase in latency or a high ping could be the key factor which results in defeat...

Dev Blog 30/11/17
November 30, 2017

They came from overseas, mercenaries and adventurers, speaking the tongues of many lands, taking the empire's silver to guard the frontiers against the unsubdued tribes of the interior. They took their name from one of their first warlords, Wilund the Bold - Valandion, in Calradic - and became known as the Vlandians. Their heavy cavalry, second to none, ran down the Emperor's foes from the Aserai wastes to the distant steppes. But the empire never had as much silver as it needed, and treasury officials soon learned that it could pay its mercenaries with land grants and titles. This was perhaps not the most far-sighted of policies. The Vlandians settled, married, planted farms, and built fortresses. It was not difficult, during the recent interregnum, for Osrac Iron-arm to declare himself king, independent in all but name. He seized the imperial capital of Baravenos and the lands along the coast, and that was how the west was lost to the empire.

Dev Blog 23/11/17
November 23, 2017

Every single thing that you see when you look around in a 3D video game is a unique, painstakingly-modelled object. We are not talking only about the flashiest, most important things, such as warriors, weapons or impressive architecture: in order to be realistic, a 3D world needs to take care of its smallest details. 3D modellers do exactly that: they work like sculptors, giving shape to their imagination to create and populate the worlds we will “live” in when we play. In this week’s blog we talk with 3D modeller Ümit Singil, who takes care of such things – but being one of the most veteran members of the TaleWorlds team, he has a history of doing a good number of different tasks for the Mount & Blade games.

Dev Blog 16/11/17
November 16, 2017

In the previous blog in this series, we described how Bannerlord’s new weapon physics model derives swing and thrust speeds of weapons from their physical characteristics. We talked about how weapon crafting plays a role in determining these properties and how this gives players the freedom to create a weapon which will complement their own fighting style. In this week’s blog, we would like to expand on this topic and explain the rest of the weapon physics model, showing how we determine the damage that a weapon inflicts and how that works in the game.

Dev Blog 09/11/17
November 09, 2017

A century ago, the eastward expansion of the Empire met the great sea of grass in the centre of the continent. Beyond that, with no farmland where the legions could forage, they could conquer no more. They fortified their most recent acquisitions, the great trading cities on the steppe's edge, confident that the disorganized horse tribes beyond the frontier posed no major threat. Khuzaits, Nachaghan, Arkits, Khergits, Karakhergits - imperial officials barely even bothered to learn the names of the various clans and peoples, except when it was necessary to turn one chief against another with a bribe, or remove a rising khan with a vial of poison.