Mount & Blade: Warband Free Weekend and Sale!
M&B WARBAND | August 27, 2015

Hello All!

From right now until Sunday 1 pm PDT, Mount & Blade: Warband along with all its DLC are absolutely free to play on Steam! Now is the perfect chance to nag that friend or family member, to whom you always wanted to introduce the game or populate your servers with the extra player traffic.

Accompanying the Free Weekend is a Sale over on Steam as well as on our website, over at the TaleWorlds Store. The games are up to 66% off with an all time low price on Viking Conquest Reforged Edition at 50% off!

Have fun over the weekend and happy blading :)

Warband - Nations Cup 2015 competition is underway!
M&B WARBAND | February 22, 2015


Hello Mount & Bladers!

For the sixth year running, our Warband community has organised the Nations Cup, a competitive tournament between warbanding nations (much like the football World Cup). The tournament is still in its group stages but progressing well with a high number of sign ups!

To find out more, the best place to go is the Nations Cup 2015 board, hosted right here on the TaleWorlds Forums. There are livestreamed matches to watch and publicly displayed groups and brackets, as well as comment threads, so lots of ways to get involved and support your national team, even if you're not taking part as a player.

Check it out and go support your nation's march to Warband glory!

Warband on Mac OS X and Linux!
M&B WARBAND | August 28, 2014

Pick up the game now on the TaleWorlds Store!

Warband now available on NVIDIA SHIELD
M&B WARBAND | March 10, 2014

Today we are proud to announce that Mount&Blade Warband is now available on NVIDIA SHIELD! Take the battle on the road with the very first Mount&Blade game to be playable on a portable device. This is our first non-PC release as well as our first multi-platform game and we are very excited to see the response. If you own a SHIELD already, you can purchase the game now from the Play Store at a discounted release sale price of $6.99!

Also check out our FAQ thread on the forums!

M&B Warband version 1.158
M&B WARBAND | October 01, 2013

Version 1.158 for M&B Warband has been released. You can download the upgrade patch on our download page. The changelog is:

  • Fixed issue with multiplayer troop stat assignment. Values are now shown correctly in the module system with a workaround to prevent auto-assignment, at the same "real" values as 1157. With the exception that Vaegir and Sarranid Archers now have a riding skill of 1 instead of 2 and that Nord Huscarls have 0 Power Draw instead of 1.
  • Resolved crashing when prop_instance_play_sound is used server side but not synced client side.
  • Resolved issue where all spawned items play only blunt sounds in multiplayer.
  • Fixed minor issue with Lend Companion quest.
  • Fixed slow movement on certain scene props occurring after a fix in 1157.
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