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M&B II BANNERLORD | October 14, 2019

Morale is a key factor in warfare. An army can be greater in number, better trained and exceptionally equipped, but without the will to fight, none of that matters. Conversely, high morale can see people through extreme hardships, giving them the determination to press on and continue the fight long after all hope is lost, only to grasp victory from the jaws of defeat.


Viking Conquest Reforged Edition 2.054 Patch Released
VIKING CONQUEST | October 09, 2019

Viking Conquest 2.054 has been released! If you have the game on Steam or GOG then you will receive the update automatically, if not, you can access the patch and full installer on our download page. Server admins and modders can access the latest files over on our Viking Conquest Reforged Edition download page.

Midweek Madness!
October 08, 2019

Don't miss your chance to complete your Mount & Blade collection during the midweek madness sale with 75% off individual titles and 80% off the full collection pack and all Mount & Blade: Warband DLC!


Sieges - Part 3
M&B II BANNERLORD | September 26, 2019

In this week’s blog, we will be concluding our miniseries of blog posts on sieges by discussing the assault phase, with a particular focus on how the game’s AI evaluates and reacts to unfolding events. 


Sandbox Gameplay
M&B II BANNERLORD | September 12, 2019

In this week’s blog, we will be showing you some raw gameplay footage from Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord’s vast sandbox campaign. This particular video was captured from the demo we took to this year’s Gamescom, which put a heavy emphasis on large battles and sieges, dropping the player in the mid-game of Bannerlord’s campaign with a sizable warband of troops.


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