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Rock, Paper, Shotgun Interview!
M&B II BANNERLORD | May 02, 2016

TaleWorlds CEO and Founder, Armagan Yavuz speaks to the well-known PC game site about "combat, historical influence, settlement management, co-operative possibilities, modding and AI" in an extensive interview, which you can read right here.

RPS Interview

Unlucky For Some...
M&B II BANNERLORD | April 28, 2016

Is thirteen really an unlucky number? No, obviously not and it won't stop us releasing Blog #13...

*touches wood*

The blog post covers much of what we showed at the PC Gamer Weekender last month, going into a little more detail and answering some of the questions raised in the community.

You can read it here - enjoy!

Viking Conquest Reforged Edition 2.023 Patch Released
VIKING CONQUEST | April 04, 2016

Hello all!

2.023 Patch for Viking Conquest Reforged Edition is now live!

VC Patch2023

Along with the mod, we are releasing the source code for modders to use, along with addition assets. Links and terms of use for these, can be found over on the Viking Conquest Downloads Page.

For the server hosters and non-Steam users, you can get the latest version from the Viking Conquest Downloads Page.

40 minutes of gameplay at PC Gamer Weekender
M&B II BANNERLORD | February 19, 2016


TaleWorlds Entertainment is taking you through 40 minutes of unseen gameplay, from upcoming sandbox strategy action RPG Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, live on stage at the PC Gamer Weekender.

Mount & Blade Winter Sale 2015 is Live!
December 22, 2015

Hello all!

It's that time of the year where game deals run riot... and we're not missing out on the action. Discounts up to 85% are to be found on the TaleWorlds Store and Steam!

Have a joyous holiday season and a happy new year.

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