Viking Conquest 2.068


Viking Conquest 2.068 is live! No update to the multiplayer server files is needed. Modders can access the latest files on our website here.



  • Overhaul script_game_get_troop_note to attempt to strip out extraneous or non-immersive info coming from the limited debugging purpose of the original note system, add links, recognize issues around pretenders, handle lords removed from the game and dethroned kings, mention locations of player's prisoners, and name defecting lords that have arrived at the player's court.
  • Make script_texto_lords_relation compatible with the above updates to script_game_get_troop_note
  • Fix randomization of defector at player hall
  • Keep refused defectors from returning to player's hall
  • Add ages for companions in case they become heroes
  • Remove un-localized cheat/debug line
  • Add notification to player when they are indicted
  • Fix footwear of certain troops. Note, however, that nobility in this period preferred to signal their status over reducing potential battle damage.
  • script_give_center_to_lord: check when parameter operates as flag
  • Reduce volatility of player's personal relations with factions when factions change their bearing to one another or a player joins a faction at war
  • Add a case to the court scene to screen out ladies of defecting/inactive lords who have not presented themselves to the player yet