Dev Blog 10/08/17

Greetings warriors of Calradia!

Today we want to introduce you to the development team that is working hard to make Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord possible. We are proud to have a very diverse and international team, with people from different countries and backgrounds working together every day to develop the game. We came together to take a photo at the TaleWorlds Entertainment office (say cheese!) which we hope you all enjoy.

There are currently 60 people working directly on Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, plus 19 more people in different administration and support tasks – but let’s break these numbers down a little bit so that you can get to know us better. We have a design team which consists of 5 people, 2 of which are narrative designers.

We have a large team of artists, with 25 people working in a variety of different roles: environment, characters, concept artists, technical artists, modellers, navigation mesh, campaign map, user interface, particles, sound, atmosphere and motion capture.

Then we have three different departments formed by programmers. The biggest one is responsible for the gameplay, and it’s comprised of 12 people; they develop the back-end, AI, physics, combat, multiplayer and animations. Then we have 8 people who develop the engine: editor, post FX and render performance, particles and cloth physics, build engineering, console porting and the replay system. The campaign department is formed by 5 people who work on the sandbox mechanics, missions and the user interface. And finally, we have a QA team which is made up of 5 people who test everything and make sure that the game is as polished as possible.

All of these departments are supported by our administration team: 19 people in a really varied assortment of roles, from those who oversee the entire project to the business development people, the PR and communication team, and the incredibly nice office assistants who make sure that the daily life of the studio goes smoothly and that we don’t run out of coffee!

Our studio is in Ankara, Turkey, but our team comes from every corner of the world. Apart from Turkey, there are people from Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, UK, India, Russia, Bulgaria, Spain, USA, Mongolia and even New Zealand! We have people from a range of different age groups – from 20 year old juniors to veterans who have worked in this industry for decades. Together, all of these people make TaleWorlds Entertainment an incredible place to work at. We are like a big family, and we are all working as hard as we can to develop the great game that our loyal and supportive fanbase deserve!

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