Community Tales #9

Greetings warriors of Calradia!

Before we dive into this month's #CommunityTales, let us briefly touch on the future of Bannerlord! During our release, we shared our intent to continue supporting the title with content updates - which has led to new features such as Fog of War, Retirement, Player-owned Alleys, World Map & Mission Weather, Formation Targeting, Warehouses, and Multiplayer Taunts among others. We want to reassure you that we're still on this path and working towards future updates. We share your enthusiasm for what lies ahead and although it will take a while longer to finalize the new additions, be confident that they are coming.

In the meantime, we encourage you to continue sharing your feedback and ideas with us. Your input plays a crucial role in shaping the future of Bannerlord, and we value your ongoing support.

We would also like to invite you to the next official Multiplayer event. Hope to see you there!


Storming the Enemy

Come join us next Saturday as we try something new. We will be playing on existing Battle & Siege maps but with a twist. We have added storms, rain and lightning which immerse you into medieval warfare at scale even more with up to 500 players on the same server.

Playing in the event will also grant you three times the Loot & Exp that you would normally get.

  • Date & Time: Saturday, 11th of May, 18:00 UTC
  • Server Name: Storming the Enemy
  • Game Mode: Battle & Siege

Now Let’s check out some of the most recent creations from our community.


Artisan's Atelier


Roblox Battanian Fian Champion by EthanTheProRBLX



Swadian Winged Helmet by 101ho



Knightly Vistas


A Taste Of Iron by Urocyon



Perfectly Timed Selfie by 咸蛋糙人



Crafting Marvels



High Middle Ages Calradia by Maty743
This troop overhaul mod changes the unit aesthetics and performance to be in line with the high Middle Ages. The mod adds a number of weapon and armor variations for each unit, a complete rebalance of the troop trees, as well as a desaturated color palette for uniforms and banners, aiming for higher immersion.


Nords of Sturgia by Snusmumriken
This is a faction overhaul, giving Sturgia a Nord identity. The mod replaces all the Native Sturgian troops with the Norse-inspired ones, renames Sturgian settlements, and has Vaegirs and Varangians as minor factions and separate cultures, each with their own distinct features.

My Little Warband by LL Muse
If you want a fully unique custom troop tree, this is the mod for you. With this mod, you can customize both regular and noble troop trees, allocating attribute points and denars towards shaping each troop and its upgrades to perfectly fit your personal playstyle.



Chronicles in Motion


Battle Tactics by Knightly Guides


Smithing Tips and Tricks by Hero


How To Make Money With Caravans by PixelJohnny



Chivalrous Assemblies


Bloody Steppes - Bannerlord Calradic Campaign #34

The Calradic Campaign team is organizing the thirty-fourth event in their Bannerlord series - "Bloody Steppes". Join up for some hack & slash tomorrow, 4th of May at 20:00 UTC on their Calradic_Campaign server using their Module.

If you would like a quick overview of the CC events, check out this video - What is the Calradic Campaign?

You can check all the details, including how to join, on their Reddit page.





If you would like to suggest content for the next #CommunityTales, make sure to tag @Mount_and_Blade on X or @mountandblade on Facebook with the #CommunityTales. Alternatively, you can reach out on our forums to Piconi or Dejan.