Viking Conquest 2.063


Viking Conquest 2.063 is live! Server admins and modders can access the latest files on our website here.



  • Restore some story NPC heights
  • Another attempt to init tourney practice right
  • Keep those killed in the holmgang dead
  • Make adventurers default faction for lords of defeated factions released from prison to avoid backdoor to zombie kingdoms
  • Include non-companion lords in appropriate adventurer behavior
  • Have script_change_troop_faction handle non-kingdom faction properly
  • Use a defection process to place adventurer lords of defeated factions in new factions
  • Distinguish unconfirmed defectors to player and limit their spawn in the player's court
  • Defecting lords yield intel on their old faction when accepted by the player
  • Defecting lords do not defect immediately when rejected by player at the player's court
  • Add a tracker for the last faction to properly distinguish that from the original faction
  • For initiating defections, use the same function that counts disgruntled lords
  • Make liege relation more of a consideration for defection
  • Prohibit defections to factions from which lord will immediately defect
  • Lords that have nowhere to defect are removed from the game
  • Use script_indict_lord_for_treason for quest incriminate loyal commander
  • Redo caravan design to raise the cap to a level appropriate for when only two factions left
  • Prevent escaped defeated faction lords from forming parties until recruited into a new kingdom
  • Balance relation impacts of enfoefment
  • Corrections in Spanish and German localization files