Patch Notes e1.6.0


Latest Changes:


  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a caravan got items with modifiers.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when attempting a prison break.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred due to a bug that caused the player clan to be kicked out of a kingdom randomly.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when clicking the encyclopedia link of bandit clans on the journal page of the “Destroy Raiders” quest.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while loading due to removed items.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when selecting an heir from the player party.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after the “Disrupt Supply Lines” quest.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred due to a raider party not being removed during the “Destroy Raiders” quest.


  • Fixed an issue with ranged troops turning their back while switching to melee weapons in close quarter combat.
  • Fixed a bug that made weapon and armour donating give less XP than expected.


  • Notables now provide elite troops instantly instead of first creating a basic troop and then upgrading it to an elite troop.
  • Reworked attribute selection for AI.

Previous Beta Hotfixes:



  • Fixed a crash that affected saves with the "Rival Gang Moving In" issue active.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after completing a noble's crafting order.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after defeating and attempting to loot "Destroy Raiders" quest parties.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after sieges that involved the player party as the besieger party.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the launcher from starting on the machines that have 2 core CPUs.


  • Fixed the never-ending war bug that involved "Destroy Raiders" issue parties without the player party in it.
  • Fixed a bug that created crafting orders for the main hero.
  • Fixed a bug that caused crafting piece selections to reset after crafting a weapon.
  • Fixed some text layout issues with Chinese translation.
  • Fixed a bug that made the main party unusable if the main hero died as a prisoner in disguise and the selected heir was in the main party.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the desert speed penalty from being applied.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented modded sounds from playing as 2D sound even though it was marked as 3D.


  • Experienced Smith and Steel Maker 3 perks' secondary effects updated. (Experienced Smith - Successful crafting orders give +2 relationships with notables. Steel Maker 3 - Successful crafting orders give +4 relationship with lords.) & Research Point Experience needed for unlocking a new part formula has been updated.
  • The security value of a settlement is now affected by nearby hideouts. And if the settlement has any bounded villages, the raids of those villages affect the security value (previously, raided villages affected the loyalty value). Also, the effect of Prosperity on the Security value is now listed as a tooltip.
  • XP rewards from donating items with perks are now capped to 75 XP for tier 1 items, 150 XP for tier 2 items, 250 XP for tier 3 items and 300 XP for items with tier 4 or more.
  • The auto recruitment feature on settlements can now be disabled via a checkbox.



  • Fixed a crash that occurred when joining a server.

Initial Beta Changelog:


  • Fixed a crash that occurred after some castle positions were captured by the attackers in some scenes.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when passing over mangonel stone piles and arrow barrels with a cursor.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when talking to certain wanderer characters.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred due to story mode heroes having no clans when loading a saved game.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to call the “Lord Needs Tutor” quest NPC to an army.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred due to item modifiers that were no longer valid.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while opening the quest log.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after completing the “Disrupt Supply Lines” conspiracy quest.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred during the “Village Needs Help With Brigands” quest.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred due to a notable's current settlement being null.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when losing the battle against guards in the “Gangleader Needs Weapons” quest.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if the player attacked the rival gang leader alone in the “Rival Gang Leader” quest.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a ransom offer was made for a companion.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred due to the main storyline’s second phase.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred in the inventory screen due to the equip/inspect panel for equipped items.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the player forfeited during the AI's turn in board games.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred during loading of a save with corrupt party inventories.


  • Completed further campaign optimisations.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a loss in performance when the defender won a siege battle.
  • Fixed a memory issue in settlement menus when the game language was Turkish.


Save & Load
  • Added an Ironman game mode that restricts your campaign save to a single save file.
  • Players can choose to enable this option during character creation and won’t be able to change it during the game. If enabled, this option blocks the "Save as", "Load" and "Exit to Main Menu" buttons. The game will create a single save file for each individual campaign and will overwrite it when the game is saved.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong background to be displayed in the menu when loading the game while in a dispersing army.
  • Fixed a bug that caused notable portraits to be missing after saving & loading in the “Wait” menu.
  • Fixed a bug with party names after save & load for non-English languages.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a changed player character name to revert to the previous name after reloading the game.


  • Chinese language updates.
  • Turkish language updates.
  • Various text fixes and updates.


  • Added two new Sturgia boots.
  • Added a new Battanian battle crown model.
  • Added a new Western Empire battle crown model.
  • Added a new Northern Empire battle crown model.
  • Water refraction quality improvements.
  • Performance and visual improvements to the Sturgia level 2 keep model.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the intro movie from playing before a new sandbox game.
  • Fixed a particle effect on the gallows.


  • Fixed some agent animation related problems in civilian missions.


Campaign Map
  • Improved campaign map villages and added LODS for all campaign map icons.
  • Introduced a 10% desert speed penalty on the campaign map.


  • Improved settlement ambient sounds.
  • Improved campaign ambient sounds.




  • Party screen upgrade/recruit popup
    • 2 new popups have been added to the party screen to streamline the upgrading/recruiting process.
    • With these additions, the required amount of clicks has been reduced by removing the need to click on each troop tuple to upgrade/recruit.
    • Added an option to the party screen that allows you to lock units.
  • Village nameplates production icons
    • Added production icons that can be seen from any distance to village nameplates to indicate the primary product of the village.
  • Encyclopedia item sorting
    • Added sorting options to encyclopedia list pages:
      • Kingdoms: number of Clans, number of Fiefs, Total Strength
      • Clans: number of Members, number of Fiefs, Strength, Tier
      • Heroes: Relation to the main hero, Age
      • Settlements: Prosperity, Militia, Loyalty, Security, Food, Garrison
      • Troops: Level, Tier
  • Custom battle troop selection
    • Added the ability to choose which type of troops will spawn from the custom battle screen.
  • Crafting screen changes
    • Added an option to hide locked items
    • Added an indicator to newly unlocked pieces
    • Made the Smithing skill value companions visible, along with how many pieces they've unlocked in a template... and more.
  • Added a "Saving..." UI element to indicate when the game is saving.
  • Improved how influence cost for cohesion boost is shown in the Army Management panel.
  • Improved photo mode UI elements.
  • Added clan names next to hero names in the encyclopedia to differentiate between heroes with the same name.
  • Added shortcuts to transfer all prisoners buttons.
  • Added the ability to rotate the campaign camera with Q and E.
  • Added the save & load warning popup to the "Continue Game" button in the initial menu.
  • Changed "Units" to "Troops" on the encyclopedia home page.
  • Transfer All Troops/Items now transfers up to the weight/party size limit.
  • Updated the visuals of clan renown/tier in the clan screen.
  • Added 3 different icons for Devastate, Pillage and Show Mercy options.
  • Added gamepad D-pad navigation to the character creation stages and the escape menu.
  • Reduced the maximum number of troops limit option for siege battles.


  • Fixed available issue icon visibility issues on settlement nameplates.
  • Fixed the player being able to give an order to themselves while they're the only troop in the formation.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the player from selecting multiple formations by holding the CTRL-key.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented party nameplates from being visible after leaving a settlement with an army.
  • Tutorial panels now show the correct keybinds in their texts both for keyboards and gamepads.
  • Fixed the initial rotation of shields in the inventory preview popup.
  • Fixed barter gold amount entry cursor position issues.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented pasted text in the encyclopedia search from populating results.
  • Fixed a flicker that occurred before a map conversation opened.
  • Fixed some layout issues in the Character Developer, Army Management, Party, and Clan screens.
  • Fixed being able to change or close the Kingdom screen while a decision was active.
  • Fixed an issue with some properties not having tooltips in the settlement encyclopedia page.
  • Fixed the "Time Remaining" text in the quest screen showing the wrong values.
  • Fixed "Show Mouse" visuals not disappearing when the mouse was visible on the scoreboard.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player character to incorrectly drop their weapons in some instances.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the troop transfer popup in the order UI to show incorrect names for formations.
  • Fixed an issue that caused failed rebel clans to be stacked in the encyclopedia.
  • Fixed the Rumors of War menu temporary background problem.


Battles & Sieges
  • Changed the difficulty setting which reduces damage to allies to now only affect the player's own party. Friendly agents outside of the player party will no longer receive a damage reduction.
  • Improved AI target selection while using the mangonel.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the AI to require a second charge order for it to attack and further progress into the enemy town/castle after ladders were raised or the gate broken.
  • Added a scene feature that allows scene designers to override default reference positions to solve instances where the defending AI has trouble determining the enemy’s offensive approach directions due to the scene being too skewed in terms of certain reference points.
  • Removed formation-related speed limits from troops when a battle ends so that they can chase fleeing enemies.
  • Fixed a bug that caused parties with 0 troops to appear after losing a battle as an army.
  • Fixed a bug that caused militia to have a different faction than the settlement, preventing it from joining sieges.


Character Development System
  • Revised cultural effects:
    • Aserai
      • [Pro] Caravans are 30% cheaper to build. 10% less trade penalty.
      • [Pro] No speed penalty in deserts.
      • [Con] Daily wages of troops in the party are increased by 5%.
    • Battania
      • [Pro] 50% less speed penalty and 15% sight range bonus in forests.
      • [Pro] Towns owned by Battanian rulers have +1 militia production.
      • [Con] 10% slower build rate for town projects in settlements.
    • Empire
      • [Pro] 20% less garrison troop wages.
      • [Pro] Being in an army brings 25% more influence.
      • [Con] Village hearths increase 20% less.
    • Khuzait
      • [Pro] Recruiting and upgrading mounted troops is 10% cheaper.
      • [Pro] 25% production bonus to horses, mules, cows and sheep in villages owned by Khuzait rulers.
      • [Con] 20% less tax income from towns.
    • Sturgia
      • [Pro] Recruiting and upgrading infantry troops is 25% cheaper.
      • [Pro] Armies lose 20% less daily cohesion.
      • [Con] 20% more relationship penalty from kingdom decisions.
    • Vlandia
      • [Pro] 5% more renown from battles. 15% more income while serving as a mercenary.
      • [Pro] 10% production bonus to villages that are bound to castles.
      • [Con] Recruiting lords to armies costs 20% more influence.
  • Increased the starting attribute and focus points in Sandbox Character Creation.
    • Players will now start the game with a bonus 2 focus points (FP) and 1 attribute point (AP) at age 20, 4 FP and 2 AP at age 30, 6 FP and 3 AP at age 40 and 8 FP and 4 AP at age 50.
  • Added item donation through perks.
    • Stewardship T5 perk "Foreseeable Future" has been renamed to "Giving Hands", with its primary effect changed to "Discarded weapons can be donated to troops for increased experience."
    • Stewardship T4 perk "Paid in Promise" secondary effect has been changed to "Discarded armors can be donated to troops for increased experience."
    • With these perks whenever a player discards an item from the inventory & loot screen, their troops gain experience.
  • Fixed the “Horse Master” perk not providing an easy way to switch between a shield and a bow while riding a horse.
  • Fixed the “Crossbow-Donkey's Swiftness” perk incorrectly giving a bonus to all ranged weapons.
  • Fixed an issue that caused siblings to not receive the last education rewards.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the education notifications from being triggered for siblings.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the female character to have an unusual belly during character creation if selecting 20 years old before returning back to the facegen.
  • Fixed a bug that caused female characters to have an unusual belly after childbirth.
  • Fixed an accuracy model inconsistency which made characters more accurate on horseback than on foot for certain skill values. Accuracy on horseback should now scale better with the riding and ranged weapon skills.


Clan and Party
  • Non-upgradeable and max-tier units no longer gain XP from the shared XP distribution.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented clan banners from changing when joining a kingdom as a mercenary.


Kingdoms and Diplomacy
  • Improved the decision making logic for kingdom decisions to take into account relationships when determining support levels.
  • Improved distribution of settlements that were previously owned by a clan that was destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player clan to be removed from the kingdom.


  • Added a new feature named Crafting Orders which can be accessed via the "Enter Smithy" game menu option in towns. It allows players to craft weapons for nobles and notables with open orders. Consequently, weapon crafting has been split into two modes: Crafting Orders and Free Build.
    • Fulfilling crafting orders will grant you with crafting experience and research points needed to unlock new parts, in addition to a gold reward and relationship gain with the noble/notable based on the value of the crafted item.
    • After taking an order, you'll need to create a weapon design that satisfies the stated requirements. Exceeding expectations or underdelivering comes with its own bonuses and penalties, such as an increase or reduction of the gold reward.
    • Relationship gains from Crafting Orders need to be unlocked with perks.
    • The crafting experience and research points needed to unlock new parts gains received from the "Free Build" have been greatly reduced.
    • We will continue to evaluate the values of items produced via the crafting process.


Settlement Actions (Town, Village, Castle and Hideout)
  • Success chance for gaining relation via emissaries has been reduced by half.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to gain relations with the same notable twice in a row via emissaries.
  • Fixed a menu bug that said there was no one inside the Lord's Hall even though that wasn’t the case.
  • Fixed the incorrect menu text that was displayed when aiding a village that was being raided.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the prison break cost to be negative under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some villages to continue to have available issues even though they had been raided.
  • Fixed a bug that caused notables in a besieged settlements to have the wrong discussion options.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the teleportation of clan members when the player placed them in a settlement.


Quests & Issues
  • Added a new issue named “Gang Needs Recruits”.
  • Added a new issue quest named "Conquest of City".
  • Added a new issue quest named "Noble Revolt".
  • Added additional dialogues for issues that can be solved by a companion.
  • The spy from the quest "The Spy Among Us" now has 225 hp.
  • Fixed a bug in the "Rival Gang Moving in" quest that caused the enemy gang leader to appear on the settlement menu after being killed in the alley fight.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Manual Laborers” quest giver to activate prisoner dialogue twice.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the same quest log to be added multiple times in the “Lord Needs Tutor” quest.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Lord Needs Tutor” quest hero to have a child.
  • Fixed a bug that blocked the player from assigning companions to the “Village Needs Draught Animals” quest.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Raid Enemy Territory” quest dialogue to override other quest dialogues.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the cancellation of the “Escort Merchant Caravan” quest if the quest settlement changed ownership and the new owner was at war with the player faction.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the main hero to meet quest mentors twice.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the conspiracy quests to keep coming up after the "Arzagos/Istiana's Plan" quest had been finalised.
  • General bug fixes and improvements to the “Destroy Raiders” conspiracy quest.
  • General bug fixes and improvements to the “Caravan Ambush” quest.
  • Mounted Ransackers of the “Caravan Ambush Quest” now use Short Militia Spears instead of Reinforced Highland Spears.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the surrendering bandits to not count towards quest progress in the “Destroy Raiders” conspiracy quest.


Conversations & Encounters
  • The barter option with looters no longer takes power ratio into account. Instead, it will consider who initiated the encounter. This fixes an issue where bandits would come to the player and ask for a toll, but there was no option to pay because the player was stronger than them.
  • Barter auto-offer now prioritises gold over other barterable items.
  • Ransoming prisoners via conversation with the Ransom Broker has been temporarily disabled.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to talk to their brother about joining a kingdom as a vassal.


  • All saddles can now be equipped as civilian equipment.
  • Removed Decorated Nordic Hauberk from the Sea Raider equipment templates.
  • Revised tournament equipment templates for Battania, Aserai and Sturgia.
  • Vlandian Gallant troops now use Saddle Horses instead of Hunters.
  • Revised clan logos of all factions for better readability and recognition.
  • The horse type Sturgian Hunter is now named Sturgian Chaser.
  • Replaced stats of Legionary Studded Harness and Legionary Reinforced Studded Harness with one another.
  • Fixed an issue with Mercenary Cavalry units having two items in the same weapon slot.
  • Updated Equipment sets of Mercenary Swordsman and Hired Blade units, making each more distinguishable.
  • Fixed a bug that caused tutorial trainers to receive very low damage from player attacks.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Storymode refugee parties to have map icon banners.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed some lord parties to enter hostile cities.
  • Added the missing text attributes in family members' encyclopedia pages.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to hover after mounting a horse in the training ground.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the advanced trainers to continue fighting after the player left the combat area.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some wanderers to always have the same equipment.



  • Fixed a crash that occurred during skirmish matches.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when opening the team selection window.


Design & Balance
  • Made the shield blocking hitbox slightly more forgiving to opposing swing attacks.


Game Modes
  • Added Duel mode.
    • Duel mode allows you to face off against other players in single combat. Duels take place on a new map, Proving Grounds, which has 3 different zones for infantry, ranged and mounted combat, with each zone containing multiple arenas.
    • After selecting a faction and class, players are spawned in a central hub area where they can challenge other players to a duel. If the challenge is accepted, both players are teleported to a suitable arena and the duel begins, with the winner being the first player to score 3 rounds.
    • Winning duels earns Bounty points.
      • Winners of a duel get half of their opponent's Bounty added to their own.
      • Any Bounty earned by the players is summed up as their Score on the scoreboard.
  • Added voice chat for Skirmish game mode.


Map Related
  • Fixed physics problems and improved the flora in Tsagaan Castle.
  • Improved the mesh blend on Xauna.


Other - Miscellaneous
  • Added a mechanism that remembers previous perk selections.
  • Added a profanity filter to the in-game chat.
  • Fixed an issue that caused everyone in a multiplayer game to appear as friends.


Server & Network
  • Reduced the lag when entering the multiplayer lobby.




  • Added map name and server name to the scoreboard.


  • Fixed some layout issues in the lobby.
  • Fixed gold amount text showing incorrect values in some instances.
  • Fixed the attacker and defender siege icons showing up incorrectly.



  • Fixed a crash that occurred while closing the game.


  • Improved sound listener calculations to allow for better positioning of in-game sounds.


  • Added “Animation Sampling Quality” to the game options. It can be used to improve CPU performance for lower performance systems.
  • Added support for more than 700 symbols for texts.


  • Memory performance improvements.
  • Reduced spikes caused by the sound occlusion system.
  • Reduced GPU memory usage.


  • Heavy chain attack blending improvements.


  • Improved AI horse archer targeting and fixed a bug that caused AI horse archers to always miss a stationary target.
  • Fixed incorrect calculations that caused mounted troops to almost always target the enemy mount, even when it would have been far easier to hit the rider.



  • Added two new resources to the modding_resources folder to support the new Horse Reins Simulation Creation tutorial.
  • Added new detail sound prefabs (Rats, Tavern Exterior, Arena Exterior, Keep Fight Exterior).
  • Added the ability to name a new paint layer upon creation.
  • Added some more problem detection systems related to siege ladders for scenes.
  • Added support for adding new custom battle maps outside the CustomBattle module (within other modules).
  • The Hero class now uses events to handle certain restrictions instead of cached data, for example, the CanHaveQuestsOrIssuesEvent event which checks if a hero can be targeted by new quests or issues.
  • Added a new callback with the name OnBeforeMissionBehaviourInitialize() to MBSubModuleBase which is called before MissionBehaviour's OnBehaviourInitialize method. This is in response to a community request for a cleaner way to remove Missionbehaviors from missions.
  • Did a refactor to move Campaign related classes from Object Manager to Campaign Object Manager.
  • Culture and trait attributes have been added to the equipment template XMLs.
  • Added and removed some internal modifiers to make them more consistent and reduce unnecessary limitations.
    • You can learn more about this HERE.
  • Made the character attraction for romance moddable by moving it to a game model.
  • Removed "All" lists for some of the default classes such as DefaultSkills, DefaultPerks, DefaultFeats, DefaultTraits, DefaultBuildingTypes, DefaultIssueEffects, DefaultPolicies, DefaultSiegeStrategies, DefaultSkillEffects, DefaultVillageType, DefaultSiegeEngineTypes, DefaultItems, DefaultItemCategories, DefaultCharacterAttributes. Every instance of said object can now be accessed with a new list at its corresponding type or its extensions, for example, use SiegeEngineTypes.All instead of DefaultSiegeEngineTypes.All. SiegeEngineTypes.All will include all of the Siege Engine Types in the object manager. Lists like DefaultSiegeEngineTypes.All were mostly hardcoded.
  • Skill effects are now registered to the object manager which means that SkillEffect.All now includes skill effects added by mods.
  • Modifying which basic volunteers a hero gives out can now be changed through a game model (VolunteerProductionModel). The only way to achieve that previously was by rewriting the RecruitmentCampaignBehavior.
  • Campaign event receivers are now moddable (modders can add their custom campaign event receivers through Campaign.AddCampaignEventReceiver).
  • Removed the character attribute enum (adding new attributes wasn’t possible before). It is now using static references instead at DefaultCharacterAttributes and Attributes.All to reference CharacterAttributes.


  • Fixed a crash that occurred during terrain creation.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after cancelling the prefab save dialog.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while using the animation clip inspector.
  • Play/Stop Sounds now works correctly in the editor.
  • Fixed a visual issue with terrain-mesh blending.
  • Fixed colour grade selection in the scene editor.
  • Fixed the shaded wireframe mode in the shading types menu.
  • Terrain editing bug fixes & UX improvements.


Known Issues