Hotfix (e1.5.5 - 31/12/20)

Main e1.5.5

  • Fixed a crash that occurred on the Badge screen in the Multiplayer Lobby.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after heir selection if the spouse was selected as the heir and they were in a fugitive state.
  • Fixed a crash caused by corrupted save files because of some unfinished raids.
  • Fixed an issue where mercenary soldiers cost more than the shown amount.
  • Added the quest givers name in Landlord Needs Manual Labor quest dialogues.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while the Lady's Knight Out quest was active and the quest giver left her settlement.
  • Fixed an issue with newly added keyboard and controller keys not using the default keys.
  • Reflective Friendly Fire damage has been added to Custom Siege servers. 10% to Friend and 30% to Self. Please note that, if you are playing as defenders you will be damaged if you hit your team's siege weaponry, castle gates and doors.
  • Added the missing Loading Screen images for these maps: Ebereth Hillfort (Captain), Cliffs of Akkalat (Captain), Xauna - Winter (Skirmish), Castle of Fen Altai - Winter (Siege), Nord Town - Winter (TDM).

Known Issues