Hotfix (e1.5.3) & Beta Hotfix (e1.5.4 - 22/10/20)

Main e1.5.3

  • Fixed the issue of parties without any healthy soldiers existing on the campaign map after battles if an army leader died in a battle.
  • Fixed the issue of Clan Warrior troop of Battania having the wrong default sword in Captain Mode.
  • Fixed Couch Lance bouncing on certain occasions.
  • Fixed an asset packaging issue that caused UI icons to show up in the wrong places.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a player joined a siege server that had an already broken siege tower.
  • Missing main map edit data has been re-added to the modding tools.

Known Issues


Beta e1.5.4

  • All 1.5.3 fixes above.
  • Fixed the issue of baby siblings' names appearing on the inventory menu.
  • Fixed the issue of broken perk icon placements for the 300 level perks.
  • Fixed the issue where locking items in the trade screen prevented the "Take All/Buy All" feature from working as intended.
  • Fixed the issue of health bar of non-heroes being shown on the hideout troop management screen.
  • Replaced the gloves of the Oathsworn troop of Battania as a temporary fix until the model morphing issue is fixed.
  • Fixed the issue of the white background texture being shown in the perk trees.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when pressing "Exit to Main Menu" option while a conversation was active.
  • Fixed the issue of siege engines building too fast which was caused by the Sweatshop perk of Steward skill.

Known Issues