Beta Patch Notes e1.5.2


Native: e1.5.2
SandboxCore: e1.5.2
Sandbox: e1.5.2
Storymode: e1.5.2
CustomBattle: e1.5.2



  • Fixed a Save & Load crash that occurred because of armies that were on an invalid navigation mesh after map changes and had the wrong parties attached to them.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after a rival gang quest battle mission.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when creating a kingdom during a siege.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when the Company of Trouble issue quest completed.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when a party tried to disband and merge to a neutral city with prisoners that are in a war with the disbanding party's faction, but not in war with the merge city's faction.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after character creation.

Save & Load

  • Fixed a crash that happened during saving.


  • Chinese localisation updates.
  • Turkish translation updates.
  • Minor text and punctuation fixes.


  • Removed old sheep model. Added new sheep model and animations.
  • Fixed lighting issues on one of the Empire Towns (empire_town_h).
  • Fixed gate problem on one of the Aserai Castles (aserai_town_b).
  • Tree size corrections were made (flora_tree_high_004).
  • Minor texture improvement on harness Saddle of Aeneas.
  • Added new Battanian chainmail armour (battanian_chainmail_armor_03).


  • Improved Select Ruler, Policy, Make Peace, Declare War and Expel Clan decision panels in kingdom decision popup.
  • Fixed some localisation issues.
  • Added new crafting material icons to inventory.

Battles and Sieges

  • Fixed an issue on siege tower connection to Khuzait castle walls.
  • Improvement on some of the Battania villages.
  • Fixed a bug that caused sieges to continue in the background if a player became a prisoner during the siege.

Character Development System

  • Entering the character creator window with V key is enabled again but hair and beard options are kept limited to few basic ones. Hairs and beards can be changed using the barber NPC.
  • Fixed missing perk description parts in Non-English languages.

Clan and Party

  • Disabled infertility chance and instead introduced a reduced pregnancy probability with every additional child.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a governor companion to disappear from the governed city.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to pay 0 influence while asking lords to join their army through the dialogue option.

Kingdoms and Diplomacy

  • Fixed a bug that caused a settlement claimant decision to be proposed for enemy kingdoms.
  • Fixed a bug with clearing old diplomatic states when joining a kingdom.

Settlement Actions (Town, Village, Castle and Hideout)

  • Fixed a bug that caused alley gang leaders to start the conversation with the wrong dialogue after the second phase of the fight.

Quests & Issues

  • Notable Wants Daughter Found quest:
    • Companions will get more scouting experience when completing this quest.
    • Quest rewards (relation changes, Renown changes) won't scale with issue difficulty.
    • Quest effects (quest giver power, town security) won't scale with issue difficulty.
    • While searching for the daughter, the player's scouting skill amount will affect the quest.
  • If players activate Rival Gang Leader quest and wait for the quest battle in the quest settlement, they will be directed to a new menu when the battle is ready.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Lord Needs Horses quest to end immediately after starting it.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Family Feud quest to fail after a successful persuasion.

Conversations & Encounters

  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to move and control the camera freely in a multi-agent conversation.


  • Training field ranged agents were not shooting to entity targets. This was fixed.
  • A mounted trainee was added to the training field.
  • An option to disable map notifications was added
  • Party speed now updates as soon as the day ends. This should resolve issues with the night’s movement penalty not being applied properly.
  • Not being able to talk to prisoners between cell bars is fixed.
  • Modding tool fixes in preparation of the eventual release.
  • Automatic nav mesh generation improvements for the modding tools.



Map Related

  • Mp_siege_map_007_battania
    • Added a new asset to breach the wall. Small bug fixes.

Other - Miscellaneous

  • One-handed throwing axes can now be used as melee weapons. (Default button: "X")
  • Fixed a physics bug that occurred while riding a horse over a ladder that is on the ground.




  • Ranged weapon calculation could cause an application crash. This was fixed.
  • Dropped equipment from dead agents could cause a crash related to weapon calculation specifics. This was fixed.


  • The format of streaming textures was changed. This improves texture streaming speed and reduces hard disk size of the game by 10GB.


  • Mount and dismount animations and timings updated.


  • Pushed mounts used to push back against agents to restore their original position. They now no longer do this and remain at their new positions.


Known Issues