Gamescom 2020 FAQ

Live Streams

Throughout the event, we will be hosting a number of streams featuring special guest hosts and members of the TaleWorlds developer team. These streams will cover both singleplayer and multiplayer, as well as, a special Developer Workshop where we will be discussing some of the modding tools that we hope to share with you all very soon.

Can I join the multiplayer portion of the streams?
We will be playing a mix of game modes during the stream, so you just need to be queuing for a match via matchmaking for a chance to be placed in the same match as the streamer.

Are these events region limited?
No, anyone can join our events and be eligible for a prize! However, the streamed events will take place on EU servers.

How can I join the Developers and Community event, are there any criteria?
There are no prerequisites to join, and everyone is invited to attend and take part. For this particular event, the developers will be queuing for a number of different game modes through matchmaking so you just need to be playing matchmaking games to be in with a chance of running into a developer team.

Will there be any indicator for the developers during the Developers and Community event, how can we recognise them?
The developers will be using TaleWorlds clan tags and TaleWorlds badges so that they are easy to identify.

Where can I watch the streams?
You can watch all streams on our Twitch channel at

We’ll be also streaming to Facebook, YouTube and Steam.

What language will the streams be in?
HandOfBlood’s stream on August 27 will be in German. All other streams will be in English.

Can I re-enter the server during the event if my game crashes?
Yes, if there are any empty slots.


Character Portrait Competition

We love the characters you create and wanted to have a little competition for those skilled creators out there! Each day, we will announce a different theme for submissions, with a jury of developers selecting their favourite one.

Each day's winner will get to see the character they created added to the game. Will it be a fierce companion, a tavern drunkard or a simple farmhand? We’ll see... We’ll have a total of 4 winners and 4 prizes throughout the event.

How do I enter?
Each competition will start daily at 14:30 CEST when we announce the theme, and it will end at 22:30 CEST. You will need to share a screenshot of your character’s face from the character creation screen on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, (make sure to mention/tag us and use the #ButterlordsWanted) as well as the FaceKey of the character.

How do I get/create a FaceKey after finishing character creation?
On the character customisation screen (you can access the character creator by starting a new game, or by pressing V while on the campaign map with an existing character) press CTRL+C to copy the FaceKey. You can paste this code as text or use it on any character customisation screen by pressing CTRL+V to produce the same character. The key should look similar to this:

<BodyProperties version="4" age="30.59" weight="0.5" build="0.5"  key="000554088014115353DBA4797AC4586D413A895B76B483CC485CA8453CE9844C01777614077AA687000000000000000000000000000000000000000020E48082"  />

It is enough for you to share the number and letter combination after “key=”, e.g.:

How many times can I enter the character portrait competition?
You are allowed to submit one entry per day/theme.

Do I need to submit a portrait that complies with the theme?
You are free to share your lovely creations with the world, but only theme-based submissions will be eligible to win.

How and when will you announce the winners?
All winners will be announced at the end of each day, through our social media channels, website and forums.

Can I use modified game files while creating a character?
No, you must use the Native version of the game for your entry to be eligible.


Multiplayer Competitions

Each day, the player with the top kills in a specific game mode will be awarded the Gamescom Champion Badge.

Thursday: Top killer in Captain mode (must queue as a party of two or more players)
Friday: Top killer in Skirmish (must queue as a party of two or more players)
Saturday: Top killer in Captain mode (solo queue)
Sunday: Top killer in Skirmish mode (solo queue)
Multiplayer Badges
Badges are visual indicators that you can apply to your profile to show that you accomplished certain in-game tasks! We’ll be handing out three different badges during the event, two of which are event specific, meaning that you need to take part in the event to claim them.

What are the badges?
Call to Arms, Manhunter, and Gamescom Champion.

How do I earn the badges?
Gamescom Champion: Awarded to winners of the daily competitions.
Manhunter: Gained by killing someone who has this, or the TaleWorlds developer badge equipped.
Call to Arms: Win any 5 matchmaking games during the Gamescom 2020 event.

How will I know if I got a badge or not?
The Call to Arms and Manhunter badges will automatically be awarded at the end of each game. The Gamescom Champion badges will be manually assigned at the end of the event.

Where can I see my badges?
You can find your badges in the badge section of the Social tab in the multiplayer lobby.

How can I activate a badge to be displayed on my profile in matches?
In the badges screen, click on any badge you want to use and it will be activated.

Can I get all the badges or only one?
You can get all badges if you fulfil the requirements.



How will I get the CPU if I win?
We’ll get in touch with you for shipping details. For the Character Portrait competition, you’ll be contacted from the social media profile you have submitted your post on (make sure you are open to contact requests). for Daily Champion winners we’ll get in touch with you by email and Steam.

Please note that there may be local customs processes and duties in your own country that you will need to handle.

Are there any additional rules or restrictions?
There are no region restrictions on the competitions so everyone is welcome to submit an entry. You must be 18+ to claim a prize yourself. If you are younger than 18, you must have a responsible adult/guardian collect the prize on your behalf.

Employees and relatives of the employees of TaleWorlds Entertainment or Intel will not be eligible to win a prize.


Developer Workshop

On Friday afternoon we will be hosting a Developer Workshop stream where two of our developers will be discussing the Map Editor tools that our own level designers use and that we hope to share with you all very soon.

Can we ask questions to devs during the stream?
You are welcome to put your questions forward in the stream chat and if we see something interesting we will try to answer it. However, there is no dedicated Q&A section.

Where will you stream this event?
You can watch all streams on our Twitch channel at

We’ll be also streaming to Facebook, YouTube and Steam.

Is it just modding or will there be more?
This stream will be entirely focused on the Map Editor tool.

Do I have to be a modder to join this event?
No, everyone is welcome to come along!


Call to Arms Community Event

Our friends from the Call to Arms group will be celebrating their 4th anniversary this week and, as such, we wanted to thank them for their dedication and hard work in organising and hosting regular multiplayer events for the Mount & Blade community.

They will be hosting organised events on both Thursday and Friday evening, featuring PixelatedApollo and Lionheartx10, with everyone else welcome to join.

What is Call to Arms and how do I join the events?
The Call to Arms events are organised by members of our community, with their own procedures and rules. You can get more information about the group and how to join their events through their Discord server: