Beta Hotfix (e1.4.3 - 06/08/20)


Native: e1.4.3
SandboxCore: e1.4.3
Sandbox: e1.4.3
Storymode: e1.4.3
CustomBattle: e1.4.3

  • Fixed a bug that caused wounded animations to not play while talking to an imprisoned lord.
  • Fixed a bug where the player party was erroneously called to an AI army that caused it to automatically move towards the army's position.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some nobles from spawning in new games.
  • Fixed an issue where nobles without party were not going another settlement to join tournaments. Fixed a bug where family members stop being eligible for leading parties.
  • Notables' power ratings were stabilising at 100 after some time, this is fixed and balanced.
  • Default trade penalty (buy-sell price difference from average) is reduced to 8% from 10%.

Known Issues