Patch Notes e1.3.0

Greetings warriors of Calradia!

Today, we are moving the current beta branch to our main Steam branch. Below you will find the original changes included in the beta branch, our previous hotfixes to the beta branch as well as some additional changes that we have done since.


Native: e1.3.0
SandboxCore: e1.3.0
Sandbox: e1.3.0
Storymode: e1.3.0
CustomBattle: e1.3.0


Latest Changes:

  • Fixed a beta exclusive issue where newly created characters and other objects could get mixed up with each other. This created instability & possibly crashes. It was also responsible for broken companions and encyclopedia problems. The fix does not recover broken beta save games, but it should resolve the issue for new games. You can test this by checking if newly created characters or other objects have their own appropriate encyclopedia pages instead of another character’s or object's page.
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when initialising the final phase of the main storyline for Imperial supporters.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when choosing the "Try to get away" option in an encounter.
  • Fixed a Save & Load related crash that occurred when entering the training field with a companion.
  • Some lords were losing all their money and then starving. This was due to fortification taxes being too low, they have been increased by 25%. Also, NPC clan leaders now react faster to losing money and reduce their garrison sizes before going bankrupt.
  • Council of Commons policy effect was 1 influence per notable in the settlement, it is now 0.1 influence per notable. Also, +1 militia effect per notable is removed.
  • There was no waiting time after captured lords were released; they were spawning at the next daily tick, now they spawn at least 2 days later.
  • Lords spawn with 10% of their party size filled instead of 25%
  • Owners now calculate their settlements' values more conservatively. If there was any hostile action to their fiefs their defence score grew significantly and they and they would go directly there to help. This negatively affected all AI score calculation systems. Additionally, there were other mechanics using this value that were also affected negatively.
  • There was a relation penalty if a settlement was lost between the owner of that settlement and their king. It was settlement value / 20K, now it is square root value of settlement value / 100K, (nearly 10x reduced). For example, for losing a castle with an estimated value of 600K, the lost relation was 30 previously, now it is 3. This was causing big relation drops when a settlement was lost and which in turn caused clans to defect because of this loss in relation.
  • An influence penalty has been added for if a settlement is lost (25 for a castle, 50 for a town).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the player from receiving a relation benefit after helping a lord they had met previously.
  • Cavalry advantage in simulations is reduced to 20% from 30%
  • Mercenary groups in taverns have increased in size (2x) and their average level has increased.
  • When a smelted item had a modifier, the wrong item could be removed from the inventory. It could also create instability in the inventory. This was fixed.
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when initializing the final phase of the main storyline for Imperial supporters.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when choosing the "Try to get away" option in an encounter

Previous Beta Hotfixes:

  • Player kingdoms should no longer declare war without player action.
  • Fixed a crash related to settlement production.
  • Fixed a crash that happens in scenes with water.
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurs during scene loading.
  • Some minor adjustments in character creation.
  • Fixed an issue with AI retreating that caused performance problems in combat missions.
  • Fixed a minor bug with the Food Variety Morale Bonus. Having maximum variety should no longer default to a low bonus.
  • Influence gain per troop donated to an allied garrison (same kingdom, different clan) was decreased by  60%.
  • The bug that caused besieged settlements to sally out even though they were weaker than attackers was fixed.
  • Some item consumption (fur, horse, sumpter horse) boosts town prosperity. This effect was decreased by a factor of 10. (+1 is now +0.1)
  • Prosperity bonus of the aqueduct was halved.
  • Starving effect of missing foods for the garrisons was decreased.
  • Fixed a bug that caused problems with recruiting prisoners from defeated parties.
  • Fixed stationary villager parties and caravans for new games. We will continue to work on savegames.

Initial Beta Changelog:



  • Fixed a rare crash that occurs when two player-related events on campaign map start at the same time.
  • Fixed a game freeze that happens when a party is persuaded in the middle of siege preparation
  • Fixed a crash where maxing out attributes and focus points crashes the game.


  • Significantly reduced the scene loading times
  • Performance improvements for battles


  • Improvements, additions and corrections for some texts.
  • Turkish localization updates.


  • 3 new menu backgrounds added.
  • Added AI flee points in villages
  • Updated some props' LODs
  • Fixed some meshes' physics problems
  • Fixed some issues in the empire tavern scene
  • Fixed LOD issues in the forest hideout scene
  • Fixed clipping issues on various clothes


  • Glave attack animations added for camel riders on the campaign map
  • Animation overhaul of initial character creation stages

Campaign Map

  • World Map GPU memory usage is reduced


  • Fixed an exploit in inventory that used let the player take the equipment of heroes that came for a quest
  • Fixed an error while closing the game with ALT-F4
  • Minor fixes and tweaks in scene notification popup, character developer
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to freeze while changing compared item stats with ALT when there is no available item to compare, in inventory
  • Fixed placement of perks, full learning rate and current skill vertical indicators in character developer
  • Fixed speed mount icon being shown for non-mountable animals
  • Minor performance improvement for SP kill-feed, SP scoreboard
  • Fixed main party health tooltip formatting in the map info bar
  • Made character developer screen more widescreen friendly
  • Added "Destroyed" and "Not Destroyed" filter options to clan list page in Encyclopedia
  • Add Alive/Dead status filter options to encyclopedia hero list page
  • Destroyed clans' banners now show up less saturated in encyclopedia pages
  • Loaded modules panel in Saved Games is now scrollable

Battles and Sieges

  • Increased effect of number advantage in simulation battles
  • Siege assault battles now last longer in simulation
  • Increased effect of wall quality in siege assault simulations
  • Battle missions check the maturity of agents during spawn and increase age if required.
  • Fixed a problem that caused AI to fall from walls at the siege tower attachment position.
  • During sally outs, garrisons now consider all enemy power outside of the settlement not only parties which are in the same faction with the siege camp leader.

Combat AI

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when either side was too weak in a siege. In cases like this, the more powerful side would sometimes try to charge without any path over the walls causing them to walk into walls.
  • Fixed a rare problem about an archer checking if they can see an enemy using colliders, which could cause them to face the wrong direction.

Character Development System

  • Increased effect of trade skill on trade penalty to 0.4% per skill point
  • Decreased bonus of Artisan Community and Great Investor perks
  • Implemented and fixed cultural feats in character creation.
  • Increased adolescence options for the Battanian culture from 4 to 6 in character creation.
  • Fixed a bug where talking with the tutorial headman gave a large amount of charm experience
  • Characters should be looking more like their ages. Tweaked age progression.

Clan and Party

  • Increased chance of pregnancy if the number of children is 1 or 2
  • Hero Wages are no longer 0
  • Lord parties have more experienced troops and fewer recruits. They also use their party size limit as much as possible.
  • Parties do not recruit prisoners of defeated parties if they are at their party size limit. This was causing some AI parties to lose their better troops because of desertion.
  • Garrison sizes are increased a bit due to better economical management of clan leaders.
  • The escape chance of prisoners is reduced by 25% when they are in mobile parties. It is reduced by 50% if they are at the player's settlement.
  • The clan leaders’ financial situation has an effect on raiding probability now. So poor clans want to raid more.
  • “Donate troops” and “Inspect troops” options were disabled for caravan, villager and militia parties.


  • Armies with little food now return to settlements more frequently rather than continuing their hostile plans and losing troops due to starvation.
  • Parties and armies with a high wounded ratio now prefer resting in settlements more frequently to heal their troops.
  • Sometimes army member parties were attacking parties more powerful than them assuming their army would help, however, they were not attached to the army leader yet and help of the army did not occur. This bug was fixed.
  • While visiting settlements NPC parties sometimes also visit other settlements they are passing nearby on their way. This results in better recruitment.
  • If caravans have lots of wounded troops they also wait longer in towns to recover.
  • When an army visits a fortification, the player - as an army follower - can open the settlement menu with the enter settlement option.

Economy and Trade

  • Players now sell goods to caravans at a reduced price.
  • Caravans are now created with sumpter horses.
  • Player trade with owned caravans was disabled due to balance concerns.
  • The player now has a secondary option while creating a caravan - setting it up with a higher number of better troops. However, caravan forming costs are 1.5x in this scenario.


  • The weapon becoming invisible when showing holster is activated on crafting was fixed.

Settlement Actions (Town, Village, Castle and Hideout)

  • Spawn probability of mercenary troops at taverns was increased from 33% to 50%.

Quests & Issues

  • Fixed minor problems with Headman Needs to Deliver a Herd Quest
  • Fixed minor problems and made some design changes on Notable Wants Daughter Found Quest
  • Gang Leader Needs Weapon quest bug fixes and improvements
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed a crash that occurred sometimes when player completed quest successfully.
      • Fixed a crash that occurred when player decides to leave settlement when caught by quest guards.
      • Fixed a bug that causes quest log progress to reset after Save&Load.
      • Fixed a notification bug when quest guards took player's weapons.
    • Improvements
      • Reward gold formula is changed.
      • Alternative (Companion) solution duration formula is changed.
      • Required trade/roguery skill for companion formula is changed.
      • Requested weapon amount formula is changed.
      • Stealing weapon chance for quest guards formula is changed.
      • From now on, quest guards will stop player more often.
      • Quest giver will no longer request crossbows.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the conversation to become stuck when the player clicks the dialogue option "About the task you gave me" to the “Captured by Bounty Hunters” quest giver after saving and loading.
  • Fixed the "Investigate 'Neretzes' Folly" quest progression regression bug that happened when a noble died that we had talked to before.

Conversations & Encounters

  • If the player is mounted, they will spawn a bit further from conversation character when using "Talk" button in settlement menu.
  • Disabled spawning with horse in map conversation missions (encounters) to prevent seeing horse ears and horse harness.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some conversation agents to stay focused on the player even after the conversation ends.
  • Fix the waiting for nightfall bar resetting problem in hideouts when the player opens up a menu.


  • Shield hitpoint values had been rebalanced based on their tier and material used.
  • Peasants can no longer be upgraded into Watchmen directly.
  • Stats of some faction army troops had been fixed and rebalanced in order to maintain faction balance.
  • Tournaments will now have exclusive, weaker and easier to break shields.
  • Our storyline brother now wears cheaper armour so players are less likely to strip him for his gear.
  • All Sturgian faction troops now use round shields. They also use shields that are more fitting to their level and abilities.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players who continued the game from old save files to be unable to starve.


Game Modes

  • The reason for losing sometimes not showing up in Captain mode is fixed.
  • Troop face randomisation in Captain spawn fixed.

Other - Miscellaneous

  • Added cooldown for players who have left the game more than allowed times in a given time frame. Currently, players who left matchmaker games 2 times in the last 3 hours will be blocked from matchmaking for 15 minutes. Note that we can change these values anytime without requiring a patch if necessary or if we encounter issues.

Server & Network

  • Factions for matchmaker games are now evenly distributed
  • Fixed a crash while entering a multiplayer team deathmatch
  • Official custom games now require anti-cheat.


  • Added server status visual system in MP HUD
  • Minor tweak and improvement in Matchmaking tab
  • Troop type icons on top, near player avatars, is now %35 bigger while in class selection screen
  • Fixed MP Character Customization Clothing Option not working.



  • Pressing ESC key on loading screen causing infinite loop on loading screen fixed.


  • Lighting adjustments
  • fixed parallax problems on some of the stone meshes


  • New hand shield active defend animations.
  • Defend hand shield direction angles are polished.
  • Removed blend durations for some of the rider fall animations.
  • New stand idle animations added for camels.
  • Riders falling from horses can only block when close to standing.


  • Fixed an issue about sound devices getting disabled in config files.


  • Added Crosshair Outlines to improve crosshair visibility
  • Added a new "Vertical Aim Correction" option to Gameplay Options
  • Added a new "ForceVSync in menus" option to Video Options

Combat AI

  • Cavalry had a hard time adjusting their rotation in melee and especially when two AI agents fought each other they could loop around each other, major improvements have been made regarding this issue.


  • Many HDD spike issues were fixed
  • Reduced memory allocations during battles, and optimized some of the formation AI. These should reduce spikes occurring during the battles.
  • Ragdolls and dropped items performance improvements
  • Multi-Core performance improvements
  • Performance improvements for the trail effects


  • Boulders can now knock agents down.
  • Fixed scale change of thrown boulders' after they stop.
  • Horses can no longer climb on ladders.
  • Corpses now receive additional blood along with their surroundings

Known Issues