Beta Patch Notes e1.4.0

Greetings warriors of Calradia!
Below you will find the latest updates to the beta branch. We also want to take this opportunity to address a frequently asked question regarding save game compatibility on this branch. While we strive to achieve stability for the beta, we cannot guarantee it and want to stress that you are using this branch with a risk for both general enjoyment as well as save game compatibility. If you desire a more stable experience, please use our main branch. Similarly, if you are using mods, please be aware that updates carry a significant risk to break them and your savegames - regardless of the branch you are on.

Finally, we want to thank everybody who is partaking in testing the beta branches and helping us with creating a better game.


Native: e1.4.0
SandboxCore: e1.4.0
Sandbox: e1.4.0
Storymode: e1.4.0
CustomBattle: e1.4.0



  • Fixed a Save & Load crash related to one-handed perks.
  • Fixed a crash due to an empty dll name appearing on call stack frame.
  • Fixed a crash due to missing frame info when capturing a call stack.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred sometimes when trying to load a game when quests were active.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when selecting some troops for a custom battle.

Save & Load

  • Players now gain trade XP correctly after Save & Load.


  • Fixed some item name translation errors.
  • Punctuation fixes for some texts.
  • Additional Chinese translations and translation fixes.
  • Turkish localisation updates.


  • Fixed some AI's navigation mesh and season issues with Battanian villages.
  • Fixed some visual issues, level's mesh problems, AI's navigation mesh problems, and season issues with Sturgian villages.


  • Implemented new map event visuals system. Now map events (Raids, Sieges and Battles) will be shown on the UI compared to 3D icons on the map. This will improve the visibility of map events.
  • Improvements to crafting screen with high yield item tuples.
  • Fixed an error that showed different relation values in conversations compared to the said hero's encyclopedia page.
  • Fixed a text error in kingdom decision popup.
  • Fixed a text error in party tooltip.

Battles and Sieges

  • Fixed mission camera still being updated when the player opens up the escape menu during hideout boss fight cinematic transition.

Character Development System

  • Changed the implementation of 15 one-handed skill perks that are related with combat.
  • Companions will now gain trade XP if they are leading a caravan.

Clan and Party

  • Added a new map notification for when the player receives a new settlement.


  • When tracking an army, the tracking information will now be for the whole army rather than just the leader party.

Kingdoms and Diplomacy

  • Influence gain reduced to 1/20 for donating prisoners to a dungeon.
  • Council of Commons policy effect changed so that it now grants 0.5 influence per each supporter of the clan who lives in the clan's kingdom.

Settlement Actions (Town, Village, Castle and Hideout)

  • Changed the effects of some settlement projects.
  • Some Settlement Projects Now take longer to finish.
  • Reserve now adds a fixed bonus to construction rather than doubling it.
  • Town Management Window now shows changes to stats correctly according to the selected project and reserve.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to join a neutral army from settlement UI.


  • Implemented the new quest "Army Needs Supplies".
  • Fixed a bug that causes log entries to show wrong information about alternative (companion) solution troop counts.
  • Fixed a bug that causes alternative (companion) solution troops and companions to disappear.
  • Fixed a bug that caused quests to disappear.
  • Players will not be able to transfer wounded troops to fulfil quest conditions.
  • Instead of closing the dialogue, quest dialogue options will return to the character’s main dialogue options.

Gang Leader Needs Weapons Quest

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the player completes the quest successfully.
  • Fixed a bug that blocks players from solving the quest with the alternative (companion) solution.
  • Fixed a bug that resets the player's quest progress after Save & Load.
  • Changed/Added some quest dialogues.

Army of Poachers Quest

  • Fixed a bug that caused double gold and leather rewards.
  • Alternative (companion) solution troop requirements were changed.
  • Alternative (companion) solution duration was changed.
  • Quest reward formula was changed.
  • The party size formula for the Poacher's Party was changed.
  • Changed/Added some quest dialogues.
  • Alternative (companion) solution will require at least tier 2 troops.
  • Player will gain 1 renown after completing the quest through successful persuasion.
  • Equipped item sets for the Poacher character were changed.

Lord Needs Garrison Troops Quest

  • Required troop count formula was changed.
  • Required troops were changed.
  • Changed/Added some quest dialogues.

Lord Wants Rival Captured Quest

  • Changed/Added some quest dialogues.

Company of Trouble Quest

  • Players will not be able to activate the quest if they do not have enough space in their party for the quest troops.
  • Company of trouble troops were changed.
  • Players will not be able to persuade noncombatant nobles, the quest giver’s clan members and people who are in the quest giver’s settlement to take the troops.
  • Persuasion gold demand formula was changed.
  • The formula for the number of items that are stolen per day was changed.

Nearby Bandit Base Quest

  • Added some tooltips to explain needed skill values for the alternative (companion) solution.

Lord/Lady Needs Tutor Quest

  • Fixed a bug that caused the quest to get stuck after a certain level of experience gain.
  • Fixed a bug that caused missing dialogue options when talking with the pupil for a second time.
  • Pupil lords will have lower skill points to begin with.
  • The target skill point gain was decreased from 60 to 30.
  • Some quest giver conditions were updated.

Family Feud Quest

  • Fixed a bug that caused quest NPCs to stay in the player clan after quest completion.
  • Fixed a bug that caused duplicate/wrong quest logs.
  • Changed/Added some quest logs.
  • The quest will be cancelled (not failed) if the target village is raided.
  • The quest will be cancelled if the quest giver’s village is raided while the player has not spoken to the culprit yet.

Train Troops Quest

  • Players will not be able to activate the quest if they do not have enough space in their party for the quest troops.

Landlord Needs Access to Village Commons Quest

  • The required troop count for the alternative (companion) solution was changed.
  • The duration for the alternative (companion) solution was changed.
  • The alternative (companion) solution will require at least tier 2 troops.

Artisans can't sell Product Quest

  • Fixed a text variable bug.

Conversations & Encounters

  • Not being able to attack after talking to lords/ladies about the main story was fixed.
  • Increased variation in NPC greetings and farewells.
  • Added some minor variation in wanderer hiring dialogues.


  • Fixed bug in which Neretzes's son is assassinated before game start.


Map Related

  • mp_tdm_map_004 visual and gameplay improvements. (Scene name changed to ''mp_tdm_map_004a''. Formerly NordTown.)



  • Memory fragmentation improvements.
  • Better multi-core usage for animation sampling system.
  • Multi-threading optimisations on cloth simulation.


  • Visuals of bushes improved.
  • Set all shield rotations according to new defend animations.


  • Mounted two-handed overswing attacks were cutting through the mount. Now, the animation ends sooner.

Combat AI

  • AI troops can fill up from dropped quivers now.


  • Printing area of effect damage to the combat log problem fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with crush-through.

Known Issues