Patch Notes e1.2.1 & Beta Hotfix


Native: e1.2.0
SandboxCore: e1.2.1
Sandbox: e1.2.1
Storymode: e1.2.1
CustomBattle: e1.2.1

  • The multiplayer matchmaker now prioritises pairing parties of 6 players with other parties of 6 players. If a party of 6 people cannot be placed in a match for 3 minutes, they are paired with other parties.
  • Fixed an issue that caused getting stuck in conversation after a barter.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when there was no opponent anti-imperial kingdom left during the initialisation of the conspiracy phase of the main storyline.

Known Issues



Native: e1.3.0
SandboxCore: e1.3.0
Sandbox: e1.3.0
Storymode: e1.3.0
CustomBattle: e1.3.0

  • All fixes mentioned above.
  • Influence gain per troop donated to an allied garrison (same kingdom, different clan) was decreased by  60%.
  • The bug that caused besieged settlements to sally out even though they were weaker than attackers was fixed.
  • Some item consumption (fur, horse, sumpter horse) boosts town prosperity. This effect was decreased by a factor of 10. (+1 is now +0.1)
  • Prosperity bonus of the aqueduct was halved.
  • Starving effect of missing foods for the garrisons was decreased.
  • Fixed a bug that caused problems with recruiting prisoners from defeated parties.
  • Fixed stationary villager parties and caravans for new games. We will continue to work on existing savegames.
  • Fixed an issue with AI retreating that caused performance problems in combat missions.
  • Fixed a minor bug with the Food Variety Morale Bonus. Having maximum variety should no longer default to a low bonus.
  • Fixed a crash that happens in scenes with water.
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurs during scene loading.
  • Some minor adjustments in character creation.
  • Player kingdoms should no longer declare war without player action.
  • Fixed a crash related to settlement production.
  • Fixed a rare crash in asset loading system.
  • At least 25 days of truce time after peace.
  • Making peace cost was increased by 50% (if there is a payment).
  • Breaking into a besieged fortification cost (lost men) reduced by 25%.
  • Kingdoms which have lots of recent enemies want to make peace more to reduce their number of enemies.
  • Similarly, they do not easily declare new wars when they already have 1-2 wars.
  • Sometimes peace was declared right after a war declaration. This should be much rarer now.
  • If one faction lost its strength in a big battle, several kingdoms were declaring war on that faction within a short period of time. This was improved a bit. War/peace declarations do not only use current strength but also potential strength.
  • The militia number formulas were changed and they were increased by 50%.

Known Issues