In Calradia there is nothing more trustworthy than a sharpened sword. Lacerate your foes with dozens of finely crafted blades from all regions of the land, from crescent blade scimitars to brutal military cleavers. Swords come in 1 handed and 2 handed varieties. 1 handed swords are quicker and can be used with shields for added protection, while 2 handed swords provide longer reach and parrying ability.

Blunt Weapons

Slow and steady Maces, cudgels, clubs, and other hefty bludgeoning weapons offer several advantages in controlling the battlefield. Additionally you can sell incapacitated enemies to Ransom Brokers. Bludgeoning weapons come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from small one-handed side arms to tale-worthy two-handers.

Ranged Weapons

Weather sniping from afar, throwing a record breaking javelin, or leading the charge with mounted missiles, ranged weapons will always lead your offense and help you out in a defensive pinch.

Crossbows: Accurate and deadly, crossbows are the best weapon to fend offwould-be besiegers.

Bows: Fast and strong, the bow and arrow is the defacto ranged weapon in Warband. Bows can be used to fatal effect from an archer-line's volley fire to a mounted expert's calculated kill shot.

Throwing Weapons: Exceptionally useful, throwing weapons are capable of dealing immense amounts of damage if thrown from a bolting steed and equally so into incoming cavalry. Throwing axes and spears also double as melee weapons to help you out in a bind.


The favored weapon of the Nordic faction. Axes are great for busting down doors and shields alike. They offer high damage output per swing. 1 handed axes provide great personal defense, while longer 2 handed axes offer range and calvary toppling capabilities.


The best friend to any mounted man, pole-arms are equally deadly as a defensive or offensive implement. Polearms do damage through bashing, piercing, or slashing. These weapons will aid any character with their variety and versatility.