Battle of Bucharest 2017 - Grand Finals

The grand finals of the Battle of Bucharest are upon us! The Lithuanian Esport Federation and PGL have done fantastic work to make this event truly special and we really hope you enjoy it.

You can watch LIVE on Saturday May 20, starting 9:45 am EEST @

Four teams of five warriors and eight individual duelists made it through the qualifiers and are ready to fight for the honor of being the winners of the Battle of Bucharest, the first Mount & Blade live esports event. During 3 days, 128 duels and 26 team matches (total of 208 rounds) were fought in the qualifying rounds. That’s an approximate total of 125 hours of combat, more than 5 days – as a comparison, that’s like 15 Battles of Hastings or 5 Battles of Grunwald fought one after another! Today Battle of Bucharest releases the schedule for its final round, to be celebrated in Bucharest on May 20.


09:45 - Streaming starts

10:00 - Duel Group A | Gibby | Brian | M | SotaMursu

11:00 - Duel Group B | Shemaforash | Peter | Bloody Death | Scar

12:10 - Duel Semi Final #1

12:30 - Duel Semi Final #2

12:50 - Duel 3rd Place Playoff

13:10 - Half an hour break

13:45 - Pre-Show Team tournament

14:00 - Team Semi Final #1 | APIS EUROPAE BLACK vs CASTELLANS

15:15 - Team Semi Final #2 | APIS EUROPAE YELLOW vs UNITY

16:30 - Team 3rd Place Playoff

17:45 - Duel Grand Final

18:15 - Audience Award

18:30 - Team Grand Final

The Battle of Bucharest will have live commentary by Purzelblume and Greedalicious, well-known and respected Mount & Blade players, along with Frank Elliott, community manager of Mount & Blade.

NOTE: Matches will be played back to back, and the starting hours might vary depending on the length of the games.