Mount & Blade: Warband - Console Version 1.02

Seasonal greetings to all!

We have now released Warband's console version 1.02 to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The patch includes support for the PS4 Pro, makes a change to help those having trouble with overscan on their TV sets, adds new saving options and more! For full patch notes, see below.

Console Version 1.02

Mount & Blade: Warband Console 1.02 Patch Notes:

  • Added "PS4 Pro" support.
  • Improved performance and increased maximum battle size.
  • Added new saving options.
  • Added options to disable zooming and first person mode.
  • UI adjustments to fix overscan issues on some TVs.
  • Fixed an issue that can corrupt savegames.
  • Fixed some rare crashes.
  • Minor bugfixes.