Mount & Blade Warband sports vicious never before seen 64 player online-play across a multitude of exciting modes.  Warband's six gripping modes will test your wits, reactions, and skill like no other multiplayer experience. 

Think you've got what it takes to survive Warband's brutal medieval combat?  Test your might online!


The original 'every man for himself' multiplayer mode now with full medieval flavor.  Earn gold with every kill to spend on heavier and heftier equipment.  In deathmatch you have only yourself to rely on, so keep your wits about you.

Team Deathmatch

Show the power of your glorious faction by competing in Team Deathmatch mode, coordinate strategies to keep your faction wealthy and powerful.  If you are in a clan, then consider this the mode for you.

Team Battle

A brutal contest in death where the last man standing wins.  In 'Battle' the pressure will be on like in no other mode, winning in this mode solidifies your fighting skill in all of Calradia.


Easily the most difficult and competitive mode in Warband, Siege mode challenges one side to capture the inside of a keep/castle while the other faction fights besiegers off until the count-down expires.

Fight and Destroy

Another excellent objective based mode for teams to prove their coordination, 'Fight & Destroy' will have one faction defend valuable targets against the raiding side.  Teams will need to stay focused to have any chance of success.


The ultimate test of team tactics, 'Conquest' mode requires your side to capture and hold key areas on the map over a period of time.   Communication and coordination are the key to winning in 'Conquest'.

Capture the Flag

Another classic multiplayer mode finds its way to Calradia, experience the thrill of riding away with your rival's flag on your stead fast steed!