Q What is Mount&Blade Warband?
A Mount&Blade Warband is the sequel to the highly acclaimed medieval mounted combat game Mount and Blade.
Q Does Mount&Blade Warband require the original Mount&Blade to be installed?
A No. Mount&Blade Warband is a fully self contained game that does not require the original Mount&Blade game to be installed.
Q I bought the original Mount and Blade, does that entitle me to a free copy of M&B Warband?
A Simply put, no. The original Mount and Blade was released in 2008.
M&B Warband is an independent product and the second game from TaleWorlds Entertainment.
Q Does Mount & Blade have a free trial download?
A Yes there is a demo for the original Mount & Blade. Click here to download the game from our Downloads section
Q Are there any limitations in the free trial version of Mount&Blade?
A Yes. You may advance only up to level 7 in the trial version.
Q Can I purchase the full version of Mount&Blade online?
A Yes. Click here to buy the game and instantly receive your unlock code at our Buy section.
Q What are the ways of making money in Calradia?
A Trading, carrying out quests, becoming a mercenary, raiding caravans and peasant parties, stealing cattle from villages, capturing prisoners and ransoming them or selling them into slavery, and many more...
Q Can I raise my own army?
A Yes, there are many ways to raise your own army. You may recruit basic warriors from villages for a low price. However, these will usually be poorly trained novices. Another option is visiting taverns within the towns, and hiring seasoned mercenaries. These hired soldiers will be well trained, but offer their services at a higher price. Also located in the taverns are heroes who may be convinced to join your party after you talk to them. Heroes are very useful since they do not die in battles, and keep accumulating experience, just like your own in-game character. They also add their skills like engineering and first aid to your warband.
Q How do I take on quests?
A Nobles, guild-masters, and village elders offer quests. You may visit nobles (lords, ladies, and kings) in their prestigious castle halls or find them roaming the countryside with their war parties. You may meet guild-masters in towns, and elders in villages.
Q How do I access my mana or my spells?
A While Mount&Blade is an RPG game, there are no magical elements involved. This means there is no mana or spells in the game instead, you get a realistic medieval setting.
Q Will my weapons and armor get stronger as I progress to higher levels?
A The items themselves won't get stronger. So if you're packing a tempered heavy bastard sword and full plate at level 10, their stats won't change when you're at level 40. However, your level bonuses will make you stronger progressively. For example, when you allocate more points to your power strike, your swing will become more effective.
Q Can I become a king in Mount&Blade Warband?
A Yes now with our expanded political system found only in Warband, you can become a king! You can even promote your companions to vassals by granting them land.
Q Can I become a King's vassal instead?
A Yes. You will need some amount of 'Renown' points and a good relation with the king, before a king may accept you as his vassal. The easiest way to earn renown points is by winning tournaments or battles. Check your renown points at any time by clicking on the "Reports" button. Once a king takes you on as his vassal, he may grant you villages, castles and towns that you conquered in combat.
Q Can I play Mount& Blade's Single player campaign online with my friends?
A In a word, no, Single player campaign is a rich sandbox environment for you to rule.
Q Can I play Mount & Blade Warband online, against other players?
A Yes. You select your faction and equipment, and then engage your enemies live online.
Q How do I issue orders to my troops?
A All available troop commands are listed in the Options menu. Keyboard shortcuts are also availableto select troops and issue commands to your selections:

1: Select Infantry
2: Select Archers
3: Select Cavalry
4: Select Toggle (select the currently unselected troops)

F1: Hold Ground
F2: Follow Me
F3: Charge
F4: Dismount/Mount
F5: Hold Your Fire
Q How much food does my army need?
A Every 14 game hours, three soldiers in your army will consume one unit of food.
Q What are Training Grounds good for?
A Training Grounds help you practice your own skills. Additionally, you may also train your troops at Training Grounds. If you are short on training points and/or are having trouble keeping your men alive, pay a few visits to Training Grounds. However as you and your troops grow in skill, Training Grounds will become less effective
Q What factors does the AI level setting influence?
A The AI level setting has no effect on experience points. However, the AI level setting does determine how good your enemies are at conducting combat. Higher AI levels will result in smarter opponents.