Napoleonic Wars version 1.004

Version 1.004 for Napoleonic Wars has been released. You can download the upgrade patch on our download page. The changelog is:

General Changes:

  • Added a new map: Hungarian Plain
  • Various updates to maps, fixing bugs and improving performance.
  • Round time in Battle mode now starts after the first player has spawned, to allow slower clients to spawn within the 30 sec spawn window.
  • Made Toggle Walk a configurable game key, in the place of the Warband native zoom key.
  • Equipped the Russian Jäger NCO with a firearm.
  • Added a full Russian translation.
  • Added preview images for Fort Boyd and Fort Lyon in the admin panel.
  • Stray horses will now not run away anymore, unless they take damage.
  • Added anti-cheat protection for the zoom exploit.
  • Added an icon on the Conquest flag selection map, showing your current position.
  • The player beacon icon is now located a bit above the player.
  • Changed the maximal defender lives that admins can set for siege from 5 to 10.
  • Added a open/close caption to the doors.

Game Balance:

  • Russian Jägers can now choose to use a cavalry musket instead of the rifle.
  • Lowered the cannon accuracy slightly.
  • Doubled the health of doors.
  • Increased the damage for all swords.

Bug Fixes:

  • Admin chat no longer switches between universal and inter-admin when using the letters “I” or “U” in a message.
  • Fixed a problem where some horses changed colour when your distance to them changed.
  • Players hit by a firearm now properly play a bullet hit body sound.
  • Fixed problems with defender lives counter in Siege mode.
  • Fixed issues where the respawn counter did not get displayed, or did not disappear after spawning.
  • The French translation no longer causes crashes when accepting a duel.
  • You can now construct a fence when building upon other scene props.
  • The server console no longer returns a wrong input error when you set a variable to the same as its current value.
  • Map placed rocket launchers now respawn the next round when picked up, as they should.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain destructible objects to be possible to walk through the next round if destroyed.
  • Fixed all the missing strings from the German and French translations.
  • Bots in Commander Battle should (hopefully) charge now when a player disconnects.
  • Fixed teleport problems with the siege gamemode, when the fort wall gets hit.
  • Low damage melee hits will now only generate “thump” sounds and no blood splash sounds.
  • In the Duel gamemode, you will now no longer regain health when you kill a horse.
  • Particle and sound effects placed by mappers will now always emit their effects, as they should.


  • Rewrote siege spawn code to greatly improve performance on the server CPU.
  • Further improved the performance when having bonuses enabled.
  • Improved client side frames per second with explosions and destruction.
  • Reduced the long wait when a new map is loaded on the server.
  • Generally improved overall server and client performance and reduced lag.
  • Reduced overall memory usage and reduced startup loading time slightly.