Napoleonic Wars sports vicious never before seen 250 player online-play across a multitude of exciting modes. In addition to M&B: Warband's six gripping modes, Napoleonic Wars brings a new one into play and a range of reworked game modes, to give you an even greater game experience!


The best game mode for teamwork. Work together as a team to capture and hold flags upon the battlefield, hold as many flags as you can and your enemies’ tickets will drop. If your enemies’ ticket reaches zero you have won the battle.

Commander Battle

The game mode combining bots and players into line-battles, take control of bots as a commander, and command them against other players into victory! Never before seen gameplay both commanding a series of bots while taking matters into your own hands during a charge.


Also known as ‘Last man standing’, this is a game mode where two teams are set against each other. The team with the last remaining soldier on the field wins.


Often during the Napoleonic wars an enemy fort needed to be captured. Work together as a team and breach the enemy fort with your cannons or ladders and claim it as your own! Or take side of the defenders and hunker down defensively.

Capture the Flag

Take the side of one of two teams and attempt to capture the enemy flag from their base whilst trying to prevent the other team from doing so.

Team Deathmatch

A combination between teamwork and a messy battlefield, fight against the other team for the most kills, stay focused and work together if you fancy any chance to win.


You’re on your own! Deathmatch is a cold and chaotic place in the year of 1812, so keep your musket loaded and bayonet sharpened. Fight for survival, fight for personal pride, fight to win!


Want to show off your skills to your friends? Think you are the best? Prove it!

In this game mode you can challenge another player for a duel in which you can agree to fight it out with pistols as a noblemen would or get close and personal with your sword or bayonet, do not forget to bring your royal manners.