The Kingdom of Swadia

The Swadians are positioned in central plains of Calradia and have borders to all other kingdoms. They are signified by the color orange and their leader is King Harlaus.

The Swadians are able to adapt their army to suit of all needs their army would need. Their high-end troops use heaviest possible armor with the heaviest possible weapons. They are famous for their heavy armored fearsome knights and they rely on their archers and footman for their castle defenses.

The Kingdom of Rhodoks

The Rhodoks occupy the mountainous regions in the southwest of Calradia. They are led by King Graveth. Rhodok have the best spearmen out of all factions and they are the best against cavalry.

Rhodoks have higher 'Ironflesh' skill compared to equivalent troops of other factions that means they have more health and are harder to take down. Their armies rely on tough rapier-armed infantry with large board shields to beat back enemy attacks and enemies armored troops.


The Vaegirs are positioned in the northwest of the map, with the color green. Their leader is King Yaroglek and their claimant is Prince Valdym.

Vaegir armies are quite balanced between tough footmen, reasonable knights, and very powerful archers which make them very hard to besiege. Vaegir troops can use axes and they are hard to defeat. Beware of Vaegir archers if you are going to assault one of their castles. They take down troops like flies as they fire a lot more frequently and accurately then other factions.

The Khergits occupy the steppe-lands on the south eastern borders of Calradia. They are signified by the color purple and they are led by Sanjar Khan.

The Khergit army is based entirely around cavalry, particularly Horse Archers, making them very powerful in open battle. Khergit troops can easily outrun and take out infantry. Powerful Khergit horse archers can take out other cavalry mercilessly without getting hurt.

The Nords are in the west and southwest of the map with colour yellow. Their leader is King Ragnar and their claimant is Lethwin Far-Seeker.

They are masters of hand to hand combat on foot, incredibly tough in melee fighting, that makes them one of the best castle fighters. If you are assaulting one of their castles, they are much more of a problem.