In battle there is nothing more trustworthy than a sharpened sword. Lacerate your foes with dozens of finely crafted blades from all regions of the land, from crescent blade scimitars to hulking flamberges.
Swords come in 1 handed and 2 handed varieties. 1 handed swords are quicker and can be used with shields for added protection, while 2 handed swords provide longer reach and parrying ability.


The best friend to any mounted man, pole-arms are equally deadly as a defensive or offensive implement.
Polearms do damage through bashing, piercing, or slashing. These weapons will aid any character with their variety and versatility.


Wheather sniping from afar, throwing a unit shattering grenade, or leading the charge with a double barrel pistol, ranged weapons will always lead your offense and help you out in a defensive pinch.

Accurate and deadly at short range, pistols can be a great way to open your melee offense or help take out an encroaching hussar.

A new age weapon that forever changed warfare. Muskets deliver death from afar, whittling down enemy forces from great distance.

Fast and accurate, the bow & arrow is still an effective death dealer in this new age of gun powder. Bows can be used to fatal effect from an archer-line's volley fire to a mounted expert's calculated kill shot.

Hand Grenades:
Early 17th century grenades pack a punch that can be felt in great radius, capable of downing small regiments of men. Their powerful effect is balanced by their exuberant cost and rarity.


With Fire & Sword hosts more than just swords and spears, each faction possesses their own surprise weaponry.
There's always something tactical suit your play style wheather it's the crow-beak hammer to pierce through armor, a heavy hand-axe to bust-up shields, or a bludgeoning baton to take prisoners.