Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord at E3 2017 – Reactions

Last week we had the chance to visit E3 and had an amazing time showcasing battles in Bannerlord. This was the first time our game has been available to play outside of our studio, representing a massive milestone in our development process. We are still gathering all of your feedback and thoughts on the event and we will be sharing our experiences in a blog later this week. Until then we would like to highlight some reactions from those who played the game at the event, which hopefully you all enjoy as much as we did!


“What transpired was just a fraction of the entire battle, but developer TaleWorlds has expertly crafted these large skirmishes (with armies numbering in the hundreds) to allow players to take command in a way of their choosing.”


PC Gamer

“Taleworlds was only showing off the combat, which is a small portion of everything that comprises a Mount & Blade game. But if it's indicative of how the rest is coming along, I have very high hopes.”



“The biggest improvement to my eye were the environmental touches, like the dirt kicked up by the horses or the clouds of dust that rolled over the sand dunes. Seeing a line of cavalry advancing through a distant haze was beautiful and intimidating.”

Reddit - /u/Levin_Sword

A well thought out and detailed post describing the improved AI and overall experience of Bannerlord at E3 from a player we had the pleasure of accommodating for a demo!


YouTube - BaronVonLetsPlay

A fun and energetic video commentary of the experience of playing the game at E3 (using our officially released battle footage).



YouTube – Lord Ironhawk

YouTube - Resonant


Although unfortunately they weren’t around at E3 this year and therefore we couldn’t offer them a demo, these two posted multiple reaction videos with extra analysis (not all of which we can confirm, but it’s interesting nonetheless!) and generally offer some great in-depth coverage of every snippet of info we release on Bannerlord!