Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord @ Gamescom 2016

Hello Mount & Bladers!

Last week, we visited Cologne to attend Gamescom, the world's largest gaming event. While there, we showed off Bannerlord to press and players from around the world, and released a video demonstrating our Siege Defence Gameplay (below), which we hope you enjoy!

In addition to this, we have announed that Warband will be releasing on Xbox One and PS4, this September 16th. This marks our first soiree into the world of consoles and we're excited for Mount & Blade to be reaching a whole host of new players!

To offer extra bit of Bannerlord information, for those eagerly anticipating our upcoming title, we appeared on GameStar's livestream at the event, to present some extended gameplay, which shows the campaign elements of a Siege and highlights the variety of choice presented to players in the game. The video features commentary from our CEO and Founder, Armagan Yavuz, who talks through diplomacy, the battles and more.

Watch the recording right here:

Hopefully you enjoyed our videos and announcements from the event. We look forward to showing off more of Bannerlord in the future... although we haven't announced a release date just yet, we are working very hard on the game and can't wait to put it in the hands of the players!