Environment Artist

Unannounced Project

Apply for Environment Artist Position at TaleWorlds

Job Details

Environment Artist

We are seeking a full time environment creator and modeler with a focus on environment, architecture/level art for our unannounced project. If you are eager to build a new world with our team and are capable of the qualities below, this recruitment might be what you are looking for! 



  • Environment layout and creation

  • Crafting high-quality 3D architecture, environments, and levels for the game

  • Asset optimization for real-time rendering



  • Experience with popular game engines (such as Unreal Engine, Unity etc.)

  • High knowledge about popular game engine tools such as world partitioning, streaming, manual layout placement, procedural scattering, lighting.

  • A portfolio that demonstrates expertise in environment work

  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience in game development as an artist specializing in environment creation and modeling.

  • Able to effectively collaborate with the art director, art team and engineers.

  • Superior eye for light, shade, color, and detail in creating texture maps.

  • Experience in Blender (Maya, 3DSMAX or similar softwares).

  • Knowledge on Substance Painter-Designer.

  • A good vision of game design.



  • Knowledge and experience on Houdini.

  • Good communication skills.



A CV, a cover letter and an online portfolio containing your work samples will be required. 

(*downloadable portfolios will not be accepted.)