Video Game Writer

Unannounced Project

Apply for Video Game Writer Position at TaleWorlds

Job Details

We are in search of talented “Video game writers” to help to create a cohesive and compelling narrative experience for an unannounced project. This will be a remote full time position. If you are skilled in clear and concise writing and have the passion for games beside the requirements below, we want you to be a part of our family!



- Writing any text that contains narrative elements (scripts, mission briefings, dialogs, loading screens, in-game documents, summaries etc.)

- Developing meaningful themes, character arcs and story beats;

- Providing feedback on the story and editing according to the feedback received

- Collaborating with the team members on different aspects of the game and supervising the integration of narrative content into the game

- Helping the design team iterate on narrative delivery techniques

- Ensuring that all reference documents are up to date;



- Excellent command of English language

- A degree in Creative Writing, Literature, Film, or equivalent experience

- Experience with writing scenarios and dialogue editing within game or localization tools 

- Effective communication with teammates

- Ability to work efficiently under tight deadlines

- Being a self-motivated, proactive and multi disciplined writer

- Good understanding of game design principles



- A strong passion for video games

- Minimum 1 shipped AAA title in a narrative designer/writer position

- Experience in script writing



* CV, Cover letter and a short writing sample will be required for the application.