Video Game Writer

Unannounced Project

Apply for Video Game Writer Position at TaleWorlds

Job Details

We are in search of talented “Video game writers” to help to create a cohesive and compelling narrative experience for an unannounced project. We are offering both remote and onsite opportunities for this position. If you are skilled in clear and concise writing and have the passion for games beside the requirements below, we want you to be a part of our family!



- Writing any text that contains narrative elements (scripts, mission briefings, dialogs, loading screens, in-game documents, summaries etc.)

- Developing meaningful themes, character arcs and story beats;

- Providing feedback on the story and editing according to the feedback received

- Collaborating with the team members on different aspects of the game and supervising the integration of narrative content into the game

- Helping the design team iterate on narrative delivery techniques

- Ensuring that all reference documents are up to date;



- Excellent command of English language

- A degree in Creative Writing, Literature, Film, or equivalent experience

- Experience with writing scenarios and dialogue editing within game or localization tools 

- Effective communication with teammates

- Ability to work efficiently under tight deadlines

- Being a self-motivated, proactive and multi disciplined writer

- Good understanding of game design principles



- A strong passion for video games

- Minimum 1 shipped AAA title in a narrative designer/writer position

- Experience in script writing



* CV, Cover letter and a short writing sample will be required for the application.