Sound Designer

Mount&Blade II

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Job Details

Sound Designer


Our Audio team is looking for a new Sound Designer to join our ranks. Although the position will be remote at the beginning, we are looking for candidates who are able to locate in Ankara / Turkey. If you have the requirements and the desire, we want you to be a part of our family!


  • Participation in all layers of Video Game Sound Design (Environment, Foley, Hard FX, UI, Voice etc.)

  • Designing, editing, recording, mixing and implementing sound effects and dialogue for current and future projects

  • Integrating sound assets into the game using FMOD, scripting and other in-house tools

  • Metadata-related and structural maintenance of new and previous material


  • Passionate about games and game audio (especially the Mount & Blade series!)

  • Good sound design skills, showing artistic and visionary inspiration

  • Solid understanding of In-the-Box audio production tools such as Reaper DAW, iZotope RX etc.

  • Previous experience with game audio middleware (FMOD, Wwise, Fabric etc.) or in-engine solutions

  • Willingness to learn in-house workflows, pipelines and tools

  • Strong coordination and self-management skills

  • Good communication skills and openness to feedback

  • Fluency of English (both spoken and written)


  • Some scripting experience 

  • Field and Foley recording experience

  • A hardcore gamer with a passion of wide variety of video games


In addition to your CV and Cover Letter, a Sound Design Demo Reel is required for your application. Please note that this is NOT a music composition job. Please refrain from including musical works in demo reels. You can send the application directly to [email protected]