Software Engineer, Game Systems

Mount & Blade II

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Job Details

Software Engineer, Game Systems

We have an opening for full time, experienced and enthusiastic “Software Engineers” to focus on the development of game systems largely. Although we have the remote work option, we are looking for candidates who are able to locate in Ankara.  If you want to be a part of Taleworlds team please do not hesitate to apply after considering the mentioned qualifications below!



- Development of fundamental game systems (Artificial Intelligence, Animation, Low level networking etc.)

- Optimizing low level codebase

- Development of gameplay features when required



- Being self-motivated!

- Passion for playing games (especially the Mount & Blade series!)

- Proficiency in English

- Strong knowledge of C++

- Strong knowledge of Linear Algebra

- Experience with C#

- Excellent problem-solving and debugging skills



- Fluency of English (both spoken and written)

- Experience with Non-Player Character (NPC) Artificial Intelligence programming

- Experience with low level multiplayer programming with TCP/UDP

- Experience with development of many parts of game engine

- Experience with code optimization

- Strong knowledge of C#

- Experience with popular game engines (Unity, Unreal Engine etc.)