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Mount & Blade II

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Job Details

QA Tester

TaleWorlds Entertainment is a leading game development company based in Ankara; striving to innovate and explore unique gameplay experiences in Mount & Blade game series and now the company is looking for "QA Tester" preferably familiar with the Mount & Blade sequence.  We are looking for candidates who are able to locate in Ankara. If you want to be a part of the test team to help to improve the game, please do not hesitate to apply for this position considering the quality necessities mentioned below! 


  • Working effectively on assigned tasks, recording all bugs encountered, explaining them informatively and clearly

  • Investigating and responding tickets from community support 

  • Following gameplay test scenarios and capable of creating new ones

  • Collaborate with the development and support teams

  • Repeatedly trying to break all features and find all bugs in the game

  • Reporting bugs and giving feedbacks in a professional manner

  • Responding to the development team’s requests such as providing more information about bugs, game balancing etc.



  • Bachelor’s degree

  • Passion for games

  • Decent social skills, communication skills

  • Team spirit

  • Organized, disciplined, patient approach to testing, pro-active behavior

  • English communication



  • Actively playing new and different kind of games

  • Being familiar with Mount & Blade series

  • Extensive knowledge of game development cycle and workflow of a bug

  • Being able to use Google docs effectively

  • Being familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio

  • Having experience in game industry


* Applications for remote work are not acceptable.