Battle of Bucharest 2017 Results!


1st Place – Peter
2nd Place – Gibby
3rd Place – M

1st Place – Castellans
2nd Place – Apis Europae Yellow
3rd Place – Apis Europae Black

"Best Skills" Audience Award - Mark "M" Glasspole

The Battle of Bucharest, Mount & Blade's first live esports tournament, has now drawn to a close. Thank you to our partners the Lithuanian Esport Federation and PGL for making this possible! We would also like to thank our sponsors Intel and G-Core Labs for supporting the initiative, and GOG for sponsoring the “Best Skills” audience award!

Our gratitude goes out to our fantastic commentary team, Lisa “Purzelblume” Hellert and Karl “Greedalicious” Naess, and to all of our community support team, in particular Aeronwen, Scar and our team of volunteer referees, for their outstanding work during the tournament. We would also like to thank and congratulate the competitors for putting on such a fantastic spectacle for the audience with their amazing skills and great attitude in the competition!

Congratulations to our duel tournament winner Peter, and the team tournament winners Castellans for their well-deserved victories. They handled the pressure of performing on such a big stage admirably and blew us away with their mastery of the game! Well done to M for winning the audience award and for being such a great sport throughout the event.

Finally we would like to thank the Mount & Blade community for tuning in and for supporting the event. The support of our community drives us as a company, so to see the positive response has been truly heartening.

Happy Mount & Blading and watch out for Bannerlord at E3!